Tri-State ATA Martial Arts Programs

      At Tri-State ATA Martial Arts Academy and Karate for Kids, we offer programs to teach the martial art of Songham Taekwondo to students of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

Our programs offer traditional martial arts forms, weapons, and sparring at basic and advanced levels, as well as self defense and life skills development. We do not force students into a preset system of practice, but rather encourage students to set and achieve goals for themselves.

Songham Taekwondo as practiced by the ATA has existed for over 48 years now. It is always evolving and we will continue to keep our programs up to date in order to continue learning and growing.

All students start as a white belt and progress through the color belt ranks. White, orange, and yellow belts are considered beginners. To move up in rank, students are tested on their knowledge of forms,  sparring, and self-defense techniques. Testing occurs approximately every 8 weeks.

Taekwondo for Kids, Adults, and Families
This program focuses on physical fitness, self-defense, and mental improvement through disciplined, dynamic classes.

Students in this program will learn the history and philosophy of Songahm Taekwondo and experience the techniques that make it the most popular martial art in the world. All of this while increasing their strength, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, and balance.

In addition to technical lessons, life skills of honesty, integrity, courtesy, goals, perseverance, and discipline are discussed during classes.

ATA Leadership/Legacy

The ATA Leadership program focuses on chacter  development to build the foundation of a strong leader for both children and adults. the 6 Life skills of Belief,Discipline,Communication, respect, self-esteem and honesty are the focus of the program while training in the martial arts to build a strong chacter for the student. 

The ATA Legacy program is a step above the leadership program in that it takes the physical and mental skills a student has learned in the Leadership program and provides them the training so that they may pass that knowledge on to others and create their own Legacy. It is the perfect blend of personal development and physical training specially targeted for the elite student, the fourth quadrant "legacy" requires the student to learn the six life skills taught in the Leadership program. 


  Is a fun, Latin dance inspired workout. It incorporates moves and music from dances. ZUMBA is high energy, easy to learn and will have you burning calories without even realizing you’re working out.

White and orange yellow belts 5:30-6:15 pm

camo and green  6:15-7 pm

purple through Red 7-7:45 pm

 Red/Black through Black Belt 7:45-8:30 pm


Leadership/leg 10-11:15 am 

 Sparring 11:15 -12:00 


​Wednesday and Friday  5:45-6:45 pm

Saturday 1-2:00 pm